See me loving you
 A fool without a lover
 How can that possibly be
 Maybe you can show me why I shiver when you're closer
 I remember your touch without it
 Let me drown in your ecstasy
 It's got to be do or die
 Don't tell me love is just one night
 I know it's not true
 There should be someone there to catch you when the rain falls
 And you can turn away my heaven
 And maybe I was wrong
 I depended on the inner voice of
 Experience, or just imagination
 Whatever you believe in, you can lose
 And one way or the other, we can find another world we can run away to
 I'm living for the
 Experience, is only what you make it
 You live forever but you never know
 That somebody loves you
 And when the sky is open
 Fly away lovers can share
 I'll be there
 And you can make the earth move
 You can take me with no struggle
 Lead me through your mystical dreams
 Show me what you are
 And we can make the wind blow
 You're the power and I'm in it
 You can be the fire I start
 I want your heart
 And let there be a story when the stories are told
 I need to hear you say you love me when the night falls
 We may never go to heaven but one thing that is sure
 You can not ignore
 I'll make it more than
 Experience is not imagination
 You get what you believe in if you choose
 And one way or the other
 We can find another world we can run away to
 And I love you
 Experience is only what you make it
 You come together when you let yourself go
 And somebody loves meI couldn't get no higher
 Fly away lovers can share
 And we'll be there

 ©1985 Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb
 from the Diana Ross Album 'Eaten Alive'