I don't know what you want, I don't hear what you said
 Truth behind the lie
 I can't see inside your head
 You spread your wings and fly, out in a brave new world
 Let this be my prayer, to keep you safe when I'm not there
 Can we love and live apart, I don't know, I don't know
 And when the night falls, and when the sky falls
 I long for your embrace
 And in the cold night, under the street light
 I long for your embrace
 Oh, our love in seperate lives, I have faith in you, away from you
 Like a lonely child, I will hang on every word (belive)

 Through the mists of time, lovers can be friends
 The power of the human heart
 The secrets in the soul of men
 All my blessings in disguise
 I don't know
 Reunited we will rise
 Face the fears we hide
 And I die each day, away
 Embrace the child inside (like a lonely child)
 I believe in your every word (I will hang on every)
 And when the night falls, I hear your voice call
 I long for your embrace
 Another daybreak, another heartache
 I long for your embrace or "Cold Night"
 ©2001 Robin Gibb
 Published by Gibb Brothers Music/BMG
 Music Publishing International Ltd. (PRS)
 from 'This Is Where I Came In'